Electronic schemes and documentations:

Data format:
Type                          /Function /Document size /Mark

Car-motto electronics:

Audi 14610EAP, 8G0 959723C      /controller of semiautomatic roof of convertibles  - the full documentation /11 A4 /DH001
Autohelm 800 ADP3087           /autopilot for the yacht/2 A4 /DH002
Gilera 125                     /thyristor ignition /A4 /DH003
Harley Davison                /regulator (one phase, output on ACC 15VDC) /A4 /DH004
Hungxiang working engine     /ignition /A4
Lada Niva 1.7                /controller of sprayer (37.459.063-845013.376) /2 A4 /DH005
Motocycles                    /ignition /A4
Reno Megan-Valeo 097 32914D      /cabin fan controller /A4 /DH006
Suzuki 1984.y. two-cycle           /stepup thyristor ignition /A4 /DH007
Suzuki GS550 katana           /transistor two channel ignitions /A4 /DH008
Yamaha RD 350                /ignition (1UA-50 070000-1490 QAB49) /2 A4 /DH009
Yamaha                     /ignition  - one cylinder, two pickup /2 A4

Electronics on sewing machines:

Pfaff 1222                  /DC motor power unit /A4 /DH010
Bagat                      /DC motor power unit /4 A4 /DH011

Professional electronics:

Art Hochenheim SW-HDM/1      /controller over voltage /2 A4 /DO001
Art Hockenheim TR1           /thermostat foil press(Heidelberg) /1 A4 /DO044
ATS AG ATS-CE-240/340           /table binder of paper band /10 A4 /DO002
Baumuller Baumotronic BMCKR 35/440/6 /DC motor power unit /3 A4 /DO003
Baumuller regulator           /DC motor power unit for duktor (offset) /3 A4 /DO004
Berger D650                /step motor driver  - five phase / driver card /5 A4 /DO005
Brodooprema Rijeka APB2A      /accumulator charger 24VDC /3 A4 /DH088
CAT 1U777 1                /manual optic speedometer /3 A4 - djelomična /DH084
Cesab 107 FM/A                /schema power supplies 5V /A4 /...
CTL electronic GSA-10AST      /DC motor power unit /4 A4 /DO043
Dectron elektronik AT2211      /reflex photocells /2 A4 /DO007
Dold PT100                /pt100 thermostat (board) /2 A4 /DH012
Dold DIZ IIIA                /pt100 thermostat /2 A4 /DH013
E. Dols u. sohne ML7863.81      /time relay Wohlenberg MCS-2 TV /A4 /DO008
Eberle SBAZ                /time relay 0,1-10h /A4 /DO009
EI SMN10/20                /electric schemes of voltages servo stabilizer /A4 /...
EI U2S-45                     /current regulator for electrolysis /A4 /DH014
Elektrosistem EM-ACC A           /electronics of forklifts  - chopper part 1 /2 A4 /DH069
Elektrosistem EM-ACC B           /electronics of forklifts - chopper part 2 /2 A4 /DH070
Elektrosistem TSC SA B           /electronics of forklifts - timer servo electric motor /2 A4 /DH071
Elektrosistem TC SP           /electronics of forklifts - timer for the delayed including /1 A4 /DH072
Elektrosistem TBY A           /electronics of forklifts - logical card /2 A4 /DH073
Emmevi VAP6                /device for the production steams in the cosmetics /2 A4 /DH015
Faro Autoclave                /controlling cards of sterilizers/3 A4 /DH077
Fomec automatska pila za metal      /controlling cards /3 A4 /DO010
Goller HW72-40                /DC motor power unit /2 A4 /DO011
Gorenje PG1000                /DC motor power unit (perilica rublja) /3 A4 /DS001
Gorenje PG111                /machine for the washing laundry /A4 /DH016
Grapha electronic 4101.04      /counter /2 A4 /DS002
Gremser K G KNT 71B           /capacitance probe /A4 /DO012
GUK Falzmaschinen D78669      /controlling cards /3 A4 /DO013
Hakro zlatotisak                /temperature regulator board /3 A4 /DS003
HB bistric M1A                /thermostat /3 A4 /DH016
Heidelberg U2 (stara)           /electronics controls printing /7 A4 /DH017
Heidelberg NT85                /power supplies CPC 1/02 /3 A4 /DO014
Helioprint OH 7817-2 /7403-58084 /card of control of fan on copy ramie /A4 /DS004
Hydromatik RVU 24/SD11           /card of control of proportional valves of generators/4 A4 /DH083
Hitron HVI 40-22                /cards of power supplies 220VAC/24VDC-1,5A+12VDC-1,1A /2 A4 /DH078
Hochenheim AW-HDM/00           /Heidelberg U18 siren controller /2 A4 /DO015
IGT Express 2000                /cards of MH lamps lighter /A4 /DO045
Iskra TRE 1611                /time relay /A4 /DS005
Iskraterm 1k                /pt100 thermostat /2 A4 /DH018
Iskraterm 2k                /termopar thermostat 0-200C /2 A4 /DH019
Klimsch Auto compact           /camera /16 A4 /DS006
Klimsch Vakuprint S           /copy ramie /9 A4 /DS007
Klimsch summalum 3D-RX      /timer exposition copy ramie /6 A4 /DS008
Kolbus 81-9-998                /amplifier photocells on the concentrator /4 A4 /DO016
Landis&Gyr ROB31.106A27      /controller of oil burner /2 A4 /DH020
Leister hotwind "S"           /dryer 3500W, 0..600°C, 550l/min /2 A4 /DH082
Lek Heliolux II vivadent           /UV source for the stiffen dental filling/2 A4 /DH079
Leuze KA712/2                /amplifier of photocells Roland Favorit 0b /2 A4 /DO017
Leuze KA741                /amplifier of photocells /A4 /DO018
Leuze KA780                /amplifier of photocells /A4 /DO019
Leuze KA783/1                /amplifier of photocells / /DO020
Leuze KA789                /amplifier of photocells /A4 /DO021
Leuze KA798                /amplifier of photocells /A4 /DO022
Leuze KA817/1, KA817/2           /control of double paper /4 A4 /DO023
Leuze KK04/3, KK03/3F           /capacitance probe /3 A4 /DO024
Leuze RK704                /reflex photocells /A4 /DO025
Leuze RK770                /reflex photocells /A4 /DO026
Madag electra 4                /service documentation (on english) /35 A4 /DH021
Madag electronic 6000           /service documentation (on english) /46 A4 /DH022
Mascot SEE60-08TE-12           /power supplies 220Vac->12VDC-5A /2 A4 -montažna /DH085
May autoset cut/sheeter           /DC motor driver card, napajanje 30V= /3 A4, A4 /DO027
MD1 CE165/89                /DC motor controller 180V/4A /2 A4 /DO028
MDT Harvey hydroclave SC8      /control cards of sterilizers /5 A4 /DH080
Minisem 380-2                /DC motor controller /4 A4 /DH023
Minitron S2G                /DC motor controller 180V /9 A4 /DH024
Monforts GNV 252.4 35           /DC motor controller (documentation on German) />50 A4 /DH025
Panamat 79-03-22           /termopar thermostat 400-1200C /2 A4 /DH026
Philips Plastomatic II /9404 433 01251 /termopar thermostat 50-450C /2 A4 /DH027
Phocos CR_LED 1.3           /regulator of solar panel /1 A4 /DH089
Polar EL115                /card 8 and 9 /5 A4 /DO029
Rapiline 72                     /motor board (smd) 180V/1A /A4 /DO030
Reliance 836.62-00           /regulator of DC motor fields />20 A4 /DH028
Remco CDI 2-16                /controller laundry machines /2 A4 /DH068
Roland favorit 0b kartica U7 (U34) /amplifier of photocells /2 A4 /DO030
Rotaprint R35                /card 2 /2 A4 /DO031
Rudnik Mežica                 /cards of chopper forklifts RM017A, RM016,  RM018, RM015B /7 A4 /DH081
S.C.S. CM 220-5S                /DC motor controller 180V/2A /2 A4 /DO006
Schneider senator 1962           /amplifier for the record and positioning of cutting machine /A4 /DO033
Schneider senator 1962           / card 1B (knife, air, presses) cutting machines /3 A4 /DO046 X
Schuntermann.. DS220.1, 8K      /regulator of DC motor 180V/1A /3 A4 /DH086
Sei bergamo PLT311           /cards of power units step motor /A4 /DH029
Siemens Simoreg D460/130      /DC motor controller 400V/130A /11 A4 /DS009
SIXT kopirrama                /card for the control lampshade /A4 /DO032
SSD504                     /DC motor controller 180V/4A /4 A4 /DH030
Still 062224D84077           /electronics of forklifts 24VDC(80VDC) /2 A4 /DH067
Sutter Abtwil 4161-1           /timer of lamp lampshade /2 A4 /DO034
TEC electronique 3230           /time ralay 220V~ /A4 /DS010 X
Technodent 3MB1S230           /card for the control positions stomatological chairs/2 A4 /DH074
Technodent 3MB1S230           /PLD and JEDEC file with data for IC2 - GAL20V6 /4 A4 /DH075
Tig                          /cards of power units of wire of welder /3 A4 /DH087
TKD LC 1/A                /regulator of voltage 2VAC / 1A for the small bulb (dentist)/2 A4 /DH076
Trip lite BC int 400                /UPS for PC /3 A4 /DH031
TSR 15Y                     /DC motor controller 180V/1A /2 A4 /DO035
TVT                     /regulation pumps the solar heating /2 A4 /DH032
Unis elkos orbico KPA31A           /controller of fillings of accumulators /2 A4 /DH033
Vivadent heliomat H2           /UV source for the stiffen dental filling /3 A4 /DH034
Xenon kopir rama            / /A4 /DO036
Warner elektric MCS 202E      /tensions controller /3 A4 /DO037
Warner elektric TCS 202-1      /tensions controller /2 A4 /DO038
Weco CTK                /capacitance probe (Heidelberg) /A4 /DH035
Weco DBA 91.161.1511           /control of double paper /2 A4 /DO039
Weco sum-7296                /amplifier for the capacitance probe /2 A4 /DH036
Weco wekotron                /control of high voltage at powder Roland R300/700/900 /2 A4 /DO040
Weco T66C 07R                /powder device /A4 /DO041
Weir CPM 8738                /power supply SNT module - Heidelberg CPC /2 A4 /DO042
Weimar M1520                /the main computer and control panel of dredger /6 A4/DH090 x
Z&T RT-842                /PT100 thermostat /3 A4 /DH037

Other electronics:

BOSCH AL60                /charger NiCd battery 4.8-12V, 33W /2 A4 /DH038
BOSCH PC1015TP           /charger of accumulator 12V/5A /A4 /DH039
Dentalwerk buermoos mixer      /W&H timer typ 1071 /2 A4 /DH040
Optilux stroboskop TL-2600A      /stroboscope for the car electricity /2 A4 /DH041
Regulator light on the touch           /chip T6061A (touch dimmer) /A4 /DH042
Woctron TL-12                /stroboscope for the car electricity /A4 /DH043
SHARP PC-1500A           /service manual - pocket computer />100A4 /DH066


Amlab Amdent 5B                /cavitron /2 A4 /DH044
Carlo de giorgi 50W           /piezo cavitron /2 A4 /DH045
Densply 700                /cavitron /A4 /DH046
Densply Cavi-jet 30           /cavitron /2 A4 /DH047
Emda ZE                     /cavitron /2 A4 /DH048
Litton sonus II                /cavitron /2 A4 /DH049
Oscillator modul 726 1051      /oscillator, two-sided board, edge connector /2 A4 /DH050
Siemens D3086                /piezo cavitron /2 A4 /DH051
Suprasson SP3055                /piezo cavitron /2 A4 /DH052
Ultr (control board PS23)            /cavitron /3 A4 /DH053

Regulators DC of motor 24V (mainly for stomatological chairs):

Elca HC 210/1                /regulator of DC motor 24V /3 A4 /DH054
Elca HC 210/DM                /regulator of DC motor 24V /2 A4 /DH055
Emda 59.428NWG                 /regulator of DC motor 24V /2 A4 /DH056
Ema 12                     /regulator of DC motor glodalice 24V /2 A4 /DH057
Emda 420-369                /regulator of DC motor 24V /3 A4 /DH058
EWL 7.7.78                /regulator of DC motor 24V / 2 A4/DH059
Jugodent ERM-1/ERM-2           /regulator of DC motor 24V /3 A4 /DH060
Ritter ..                     /regulator of DC motor 24V /2 A4 /DH061
Siemens ..                     /regulator of DC motor 24V /2 A4 /DH062
Siemens 2495117 D3058           /regulator of DC motor 24V /2 A4 /DH063
Stern weber 11.78           /regulator of DC motor 24V /2 A4 /DH064
Stern weber 1030                /regulator of DC motor 24V /2 A4 /DH065

PC monitors:

AST F562                     /15" monitor (service documentation) />100 A4 /DM001
AST P766D                /17" monitor (service documentation) />100 A4 /DM002
AST TCM43/TCM41/TCE43/TCE41 /14" monitor (service documentation) />50 A4 /DM002
JRC DWU-132                /14" monitor Shimadzu ultrazvuka - veći dio />10 A4 /DM016
Mag MXP17F                /17" monitor (service documentation) />20 A4 /DM004
Nec A700/JC-1736           /17" monitor (service documentation) />100 A4 /DM005
Nec E1100/JC-2144           /21" monitor (service documentation) />100 A4 /DM006
Nec M700/JC-1735           /17" monitor (service documentation) />100 A4 /DM007
Nec P1150/JC-2145           /21" monitor (service documentation) />100 A4 /DM008
Nec P1250/JC-2146           /21" monitor (service documentation) />100 A4 /DM009
Nec XE21/JC-2131           /17" monitor (service documentation) />100 A4 /DM010
Nec XP17/JC-1743           /17" monitor (service documentation) />100 A4 /DM011
Nec XP21/JC-2143           /17" monitor (service documentation) />100 A4 /DM012
Nec XV15/JC-1538           /15" monitor (service documentation) />100 A4 /DM013
Nec XV17/JC-1734           /17" monitor (service documentation) />100 A4 /DM014
ViewSonic 17G/ 1764           /17" monitor (service documentation) /21 A4 /DM015