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20.05.2023. Added javascript code that makes the website somewhat responsive for mobile browsers

21.03.2009. Please in future use the Google translator for the latest news and transtation!

29.12.2007. Added project Solid state relay - SSR. In detail.
29.12.2007. Added project Car alarm AL01 - fancy CMOS contact alarm. In detail.
29.12.2007. Added project Light show 220VAC  the 3 channel, sensitive. In detail.
29.12.2007. Added project Regulator power 220VAC with the modulator on BAS. In detail.
29.12.2007. Added orginal Kojak siren 12VDC. In detail.

27.12.2007. The added interface 5V CPU on 3.3V SPI memory in sub complexes. In detail.
27.12.2007. Added RS232 galvanic isolator in sub complexes. In detail.

21.12.2007. Added text about the use of the rebuilt PC ATX power supplies for the quality filling of accumulator. In detail.

13.12.2007. Added link on the repair tips (TV, video, screen, HOUR). In detail.

06.12.2007. Added application of  SR3 regulator - 32VAC / 0,1..30V / 5A. In detail.

29.11.2007. TVEDEMO package expanded from 1600 on the 2200 record. In detail.

16.11.2007. The realized project display D6-105OL  - the 6 digita 57mm with LED diodes for external use. In detail.

02.11.2007. Added link on Datasheet locator - links on manufacturer pages. In detail.
02.11.2007. Added " Protection of teflon top of solder pump " in tricks. In detail.

27.10.2007. Added project  LUXOMAT - low cost luxomat  for 220VAC with the direct power supply. In detail.

24.10.2007. Are added guestbook. In detail.

20.09.2007. Pages died translate on the english.

17.09.2007. Are added " manual wheelbarrow with brake " in tricks. In detail.

15.09.2007. Are added simple VCO in sub complexes. In detail.

11.09.2007. Since today start publish documentations for free download. In detail.

06.09.2007. Added links on the antivirus software these on good and free PDF creator. In detail.

16.07.2007. Added project WLD - complex for operation to 8 1W LED of diodes with 24VAC power supplies. In detail.Grade: very good

21.06.2007. Are added the shortened catalog Alma electronic. In detail.

24.05.2007. Added project GSM1F - complex for the control heatings across the fixed tel. of line. In detail.Grade: very good

09.05.2007. Added application SR3 of regulator  12VDC / 0,1..11V / 4A for the regulation of engine of spit. In detail.

07.05.2007. Added project REG-NSU - 6V/8A dinamo regulator. In detail.
07.05.2007. Enabled reception news across the mail lists

05.05.2007. Added project REG-SER3 - mono phase serial regulator. In detail.Grade: very good

03.05.2007. Corrected error in the empty base tve19.zip the package.

17.04.2007. Added project BAT01 - Battery-powered are operated microcontroler. In detail.

13.04.2007. Changes in the design page. Are corrected grammatical errors.

02.04.2007. Added project R1 - controller for the advertisement for 40 LEDs. In detail.
02.04.2007. Added project DENTA - automatics with relays for the stomatological chair. In detail.

17.03.2007. The added project Communicator K1 speleologi telephone. In detail.

03.03.2007. Added project GSM1 - complex for the turn on heatings is developed in the finished device. In detail.Grade: very good

09.02.2007. Added project VODA2 - detector waters with histereses. In detail.

03.02.2007. Exchanges in the page of project I2051 - ignition for motorcycles. In detail.

02.02.2007. Added project ADC - detector of audio signals for switching on via the mobile phone. In detail.Grade: very good

17.01.2007. Added project Regulator power 220VAC - complex for the regulation bulb and collector ac motor. In detail.

15.01.2007. Added project GSM1 - complex for turn on heatings (or other appliances) across mobile phone. In detail.Grade: very good

16.12.2006. Are added zipcom software.In detail.
16.12.2006. Software TVE19 for the refilling widened possibility of adding of attribute.In detail.

16.11.2006. Improved search of pages.In detail.

04.11.2006. Added search of pages. In detail.

28.10.2006. Web contents are relocated on the sper.hr domain

03.10.2006. Added project Telephone adapter for the carbonic microphone - complex with the dynamic microphone. In detail.

19.09.2006. Added project Lighter for MH lamp 280V/8A. In detail.
19.09.2006. Added project Shunt regulator for Hondu - complex for protection bulb. In detail.

18.09.2006. Added thermostat for fan of car refrigerator in sub complexes. In detail.
18.09.2006. Added measurer light in sub complexes. In detail.

08.09.2006. Added RMS converter in sub complexes. In detail.

31.08.2006. Page with addresses be updated, these added marks for more favourable prices. In detail

21.08.2006. Added project SR3R - the universal regulator with the rotation of polarity. In detail.
21.08.2006. Added optic sensor in sub complexes. In detail.

11.07.2006.Added project PLC51 - complex for automation at home (stands) via 220V net. In detail.Grade: very good

29.05.2006. Beside link for " IC electronics " added link on saved last published price list. In detail

05.05.2006. Software be updated with RCD - analyzer of diode rectifier.In detail

31.03.2006. Added 12V adapter for adapter 24V battery BOSCH hit drill. In detail

30.03.2006. Address book be updated with new address, and page changes name in addresses.htm. In detail

11.03.2006. Project D6 modified and has optically isolated RS232 reception of characters. In detail

30.01.2006. Added project CNT43 (modified numerator). In detail

21.12.2005. Expand number of links on datasheet bases and are made simple choice. In detail

16.12.2005. Added project SPI2 - limiter / converter of impulse for odorization. In detail.

25.11.2005. Added project RC1 - appendix for wire thermostat who he makes wiresles. In detail.

04.11.2005. Added project display D6 - 6 digit 57mm heights for external use. In detail. Update web links in address book.

22.10.2005. Added project " Measuring device room temperatures with data transmission and alarm". In detail.

26.09.2005. Address book be updated with new address. In detail

20.09.2005. Universally switching the power supply SR3 (0,1..24V / 0..4A) offer for only 450 HRK. In detail

01.09.2005. Universally switching power supply SR3 was able acquire in retail sale FORM ELECTRONICS in Zagreb
13.08.2005. Added addition on mosfet preregulator for the inductive full wave version. In detail.

22.07.2005. Added page with TV EEPROMs for download. In detail.

30.04.2005. Information about quality cut off valve for gas is announced in text about will hear off complex. In detail. Corrected error on scheme cut-off complex.

29.04.2005. Shown e-mail address sustituted picture instead of text, added web links in address book. In detail

14.01.2005. Change of number mobile telephone: 099 3435440

03.01.2005. Added project "Sensor of water level". In detail. Arranged page with projects.

23.12.2004. Added project "Amplifier capaticance probes". In detail

17.12.2004. Pages be updated. Improved and changed TV.EXE (Dossier) - TVE19.ZIP

25.09.2004. Added project Level probe. In detail.

18.09.2004. Added two links on sources PDF documentations. In detail!

17.07.2004. In section software offers free of charge old Chipotekin catalog with our converter for DBF base. In detail.

17.07.2004. All schemes on our web site from now are less, improved graphics and on the expanded framework.

16.07.2004. Realized project GOLD - substitute PWM thermostat for Art Hochenheim TR1 (Heideleberg). In detail.

06.07.2004. Realized SLUP project of automation of work two ceramics bake. In detail.

29.03.2004. Corrected error in TV.EXE (Dossier) - reporting - TVE19.ZIP

15.03.2004. Realized DC speed regulator SR3. In detail.

11.02.2004. Program Bank account has been improved these have been thrown out tiny bugs - still free for download. In detail

10.01.2004. Realized counter CNT42. In detail.

29.11.2003. Added scheme beside 80552 CPU card, added description and scheme of bells with melody

03.11.2003. Realized counter CNT4. In detail.

22.09.2003. TV Dossiers for refilling are free. Reduced price for TV dossier (1800 record) on 25 HRK.

21.09.2002. Project in the making: universal processor card with 80C552. In detail.

11.03.2002. Project on the testing: serial parallel regulator 12V for motorcycles (400W generator). In detail.